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About Us

We are a husband and wife team, who are dedicated to delivering the best stand out from the rest product there is to offer.

Together we pack a powerful approach as our passion for the the image, has been a corner stone in our relationship, and is the driving force behind the magic that is created, when we collaborate in producing a product that speaks without saying.

Nicholas is a photographer, who has been passionate with the art and science of photography since age seven, and has been working in the film and television industry since 1996, both in front and behind the camera on Films and TV such as Can’t Hardly Wait, Baywatch, Saved By The Bell, Lucky Town, just to mention a few, he has a keen understanding of the importance of the headshot, and the industry wants and needs upon such a product.

Catheryn has been working retail and fashion on both sides of the country, in Los Angeles and in New York since 1994, dressing “celebrity clients”, and working in the ranks of high fashion couture, as a stylist. Working & Training with Sarah Stewart, the buyer for the famous Maxfield, which built her foundation to become a merchandiser/manager for Theodore Beverly Hills, which helped make a name for herself at age 18. Catheryn quickly began receiving offers to become a buyer for companies such as Barneys New York, amongst others. Catheryn began traveling as a sales representative for B.C.B.G, and worked as a high fashion stylist doing editorial for Macy’s catalogue and Giorgio Armani.

Written Up in Hollywood Weekly as L.A. Top Photographer

We believe looks are more than a change of a top, or some article of clothing, its a transformation of character.