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We believe looks are more than a change of a top, or some article of clothing, its a transformation of character.

Colors, textures, and styles of wardrobe are extremely powerful in the visual arts, and they need to work, they can make or break a shot, and we pick up, were others drop the ball.

Catheryn’s keen fashion sense allows her to visualize people in a myriad of different cuts, color’s, styles and textures that most never see themselves in.


Keeping within the standards of the industry “simple” and “pleasing to the eye” not only do the images look great, and in style, but the subjects feel great in them. We have found that this added confidence really comes across in making a powerful image in collaboration with the actor and of course their representation.


Nicholas’s experience in acting, and being in front of the lens as well as behind it, allows him to have a deeper understanding of what needs to come across in each look. Nicholas has an intensity and a fun personality to pull what he needs out his subjects.

He likes to shoot actors in a variety of locations and scenarios, taking them to locations that not only provide beautiful lighting situations, but compositions and environments that are strong contributors in making the actor truly believe they are in their roll. “Keeping them moving gets the energy flowing, it breaks down barriers.”


Nicholas offers a myriad of different backdrops in his home studio, and on location, from solid, to a bit of tonal composition, and of course tailors himself to the taste of each representations pallet. He understands that the power is in the eyes and never sways from making sure that the eyes are the center piece of each shot, and that wardrobe and location doesn’t do anything to distract from that.


Many of our actors have landed high profile auditions, gigs or representation, straight from our shoots in a matter of days from using our images and that is not an exaggeration. We renovate, overhaul, and turn a struggling actor into one that is going out. It is our goal to keep, that success rate at its strongest, a working actor is a happy actor.



Depending on the package, the whole shoot takes typically 3 hours.


After we are finished, the images are placed onto a private website proof-sheet for your viewing, where you can download your favorites or share the entire site with your representation, family, and friends, again this is a service that is added depending on the package.


A high resolution disc will be ready for you with the entire shoot in an average of 72 hours from that. We include free retouching depending on the package.