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"From start to finish, Nick and Catheryn were extremely pleasant to work with. Sitting down with them at our initial meeting, we pin pointed what look we wanted to go for, which shows we could target, what I should wear, right down to where I can even get some of the clothes that I might need for the shoot. They came to the table with things prepared and ready to work with me at 110%. They provide a very comfortable setting for me to be able to prepare myself for the camera and they make sure that the real essence of who you are comes out in the pictures which is exactly what I want."Straight off the shoot, I booked a role in a Nickelodeon show Victorious Co-Star. I've been auditioning like crazy, and I recently booked another role on the ABC Family Network The Secret Life of the American Teenager, as well as Modern Family ABC. My biggest success yet is booking a pilot turned series for a series regular role with ABC Family Called Nine Lives of Chloe King, my character is PaulThanks Guys!!Ki Hong Lee

Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know, it was such a pleasure working with you both !! I just booked my first commercial audition I got with these new headshots, I was only using them for a week, after a year of hardly getting out at all. Your shots led me to being booked as the main guy for a new SUBWAY campaign!!  I don't think I would have gotten that audition with my old headshots :) Thank you so much, you guys are the best and I am telling everyone about you!!Michael Blackman Beck

Shooting felt like hanging out with friends rather than a photo shoot.  Everything was very relaxed and open without any of the pressure I have felt before, which is why I feel like you were able to catch a side of me that other previous photographers have not.  These shots have kept my manager extremely busy.  I just finished a role in a Hallmark movie, I have a Coors Light commercial running, and two more films lined up for the summer.  I could not be happier with my shots!!David Thomas Jenkins

Wanted to let you know that since I got the new pics, I booked a movie, and just found out today I booked co-starring on the show House! So the new shots definitely are working!!Jennifer Kristin Cox

The pictures are extraordinary, each one had a unique quality that definitely shows Nick has his own signature style. Catheryn was exceptional at helping me with my wardrobe, and really gave me clarity on what to wear and what would compliment me. When I received my headshots I sent them to my manager and agent immediately and they were so pleased, they found it difficult to find one photograph, since there were so many to choose from! Using these “awesome” new headshots, I have been getting more than three auditions in a week. and as a result I booked a co-star role for Nickelodeon's “new show” Victorious, All My Children, a National Sprint Campaign, and a McDonald’s International Commercial, and have been testing like crazy for various TV regular spots. Their work has really made me stand out from the crowd. Recently, Twilight fans have raved about Nick's pictures of me as the “new” Breaking Dawn character Nahuel. People did not know of me until those very pictures were released on my facebook and many youtubers began to use them in their videos as well, emphasizing me as the new Twilight charter Nahuel. There are numerous fan pages and videos of me on youtube, facebook and other sites as well, using these photos of me!! Truly, Nick captured me, and has an unmatched artistic ability to capture one’s essence. Catheryn and Nick know what they are doing and do not fail to impress. - Aldo Quintino

Working with Nick and Catheryn was by far the most fun I have ever had at a shoot. They were also by far the best headshots I have ever had taken of me. Within the first day of having the new headshots, I had three major auditions, and since then within a month I have booked a commercial, a pilot, and a modeling job! I attribute this success to Nick and Catheryn's efforts and would recommend them to absolutely anyone. - Zack Palmer

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"I'm beyond pleased with my headshots. Nick and Catheryn create a relaxed, comfortable environment that makes shooting fun and easy. I've never worked with a photographer that cares more about getting the right shots out of his clients. Since shooting with Nick and Catheryn one month ago, I have had three to six auditions every week. I never dreamed of having such amazing results. But, after looking at Nick's portfolio and the clients who he has worked with, I should have known that I was working with the best. Nick Paulos is truly the greatest headshot photographer anyone could ever ask for."Wolfie Trausch

NICK!Your awesome photos got me featured in fresh faces on IMDb!!Daniele Carrol